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Metrovader, ready for the invasion

A humble revision of the 8-bit Space Invaders classic, now with 8-ticket resolution!

Next experiment

This is one idea I had some time ago, making a collage of a classic character from the Space Invaders game, using tickets from the Madrid underground, "Metro". So the name is obvious, Metro-vader! Now it's almost ready for invasion:

I have used two kind of tickets we have here in Madrid. One is the classic Metro, which is the typical underground you know from Madrid operating around the center and the other kind is what we call here "Cercanías", which are a more railroad like train which connects nearby towns.

But, it happens that the Cercanías also have some stops near or right into the center of Madrid, so both shares a bunch of metro-stops and I usually take both of them.

Cercanías tickets have a mostly white reverse, with the black magnetic stripe crossing it. The Metro tickets have a nice pink reverse, also with the black magnetic stripe. They both fits nicely into a collage. I have used the Cercanías ones to make the background (white) and the Metro tickets (pink) to form the center character.

Here are two more closeup pictures:

Those tickets are actually used by me!

You can see from the pictures that I am a loyal underground user. (It's crazy to use the car in the center anyway).

Unfortunately, I use most Cercanías, so I'm kind of short of Metro tickets... Once I started making the collage, I quickly figured out I ran out of Metro tickets!

So this is not finished yet... But don't worry, I'm just two or three months of Metro trips ahead...

The invasion is ready to take place, muaaahahaha!