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TechCrunch... Where are thou?

I'm a big fan of TechCrunch, I've sometimes found insightful information about the tech community but sometimes I think they are plain wrong.

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I don't read all that they write, my twitter is flooded with their articles :-) but hey, this one really struck me for their inaccuracies. Well, not inaccuracies, it's plainly a personal opinion, not facts.

The article tries to give 10 reasons why a tablet is good and 5 reasons why a tablet is bad. You can give reasons based on facts, like a tablet is bad for programming (general programming, that is) because the lack of keyboard (and you can attach a bluetooth one anyway), generally speaking, a tablet is bad at it because there are better ways to do it. Or a tablet is good for reading, again generally speaking because no other device is better (I include e-ink readers as tablets here).

But, a tablet is bad because "something better will come along in a few months"? Sorry? Or "I can browse the web on my couch with my battle-tested laptop"? Whaaat?.

All that 5 points miss the only one important point. Tables do not replace anything. They are a full new range of devices that fits perfectly their purposes. We were all raving for tables for years, but the only one company that got it right was Apple.

Besides this, the article comments is plagued with people telling that their laptops are better because they can run flash. Hey guys, take a job and buy an iPad, you know you can use it along your laptop, didn't you?